Versteek pays final working visit to Saba

Recently, Frans Versteek, Director of USONA, along with his colleagues paid a last working visit to Saba. Versteek has been Director of USONA since its inception and has overseen millions of guilders in projects during his tenure. Reginaldo Doran will be replacing him as the new Director of USONA.


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A reception and dinner were held at Queens Gardens in which he gave a speech about his experiences on the Island of Saba. Versteek stated that he enjoyed Saba as being very different from the rest of the Dutch Kingdom. He went on to say that he had a lot of respect for those who have built up this small Island. Lieutenant Governor Jonathan Johnson thanked Mr. Versteek for his service and presented him with a framed photograph of Saba.

During the reception Commissioner of Education Chris Johnson and Mr. Versteek signed the financing agreement for the building of vocational classrooms as well as bus parking garage. This facility will be located next to the secondary school in St. Johns. The amount is approximately 1.25 million guilders which will include the construction, drafting of plans, and supervision.

Commissioner Johnson emphasized that "the lack of a solid technical stream has proven to be a weakness in the level of secondary education on Saba". Johnson went on to say that, "The last ten years on Saba the schools have moved away from vocational training and are concentrating on academics. This has caused a trickledown effect to the labor market where it is often difficult to find locally trained workers".

Source: Saba Government Information Services – gi*@sa*****.com