SEI Projects to be handled progressively in Saba


After many years of hardship without funding for major projects, the Island Government of Saba now has ample funding for projects in the areas of: tourism development, infrastructure, education, social issues, social housing, labor market, and waste collection.


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Recently, the Executive Council has focused their concern on the execution of these various Government projects. Processing of projects has slowed down significantly, therefore they are going to dedicate more human resources specifically to supervise and oversee the execution of these projects.

Recently appointed acting Island Secretary, Ms. Raquel Granger, has been doing an exceptional job since first taking up her position. With this additional help in the Island Secretary office it will help and enable Island Secretary, Menno van der Velde to take on the additional workload of supervising backlogged projects. As of this upcoming Monday, the Island Secretary will turn his attention to the efficient execution of these projects. Van der Velde will discuss the new changes extensively when he Chairs the upcoming Department Head meeting next Wednesday.

For a period of time, a Project Manager will also be assigned to assist with the administrative execution of projects within the Planning Bureau.

Source: Saba Government Information Services – gi*@sa*****.com