Schools ready to start implementation Quality Card, inspector applauds initiative& implementation


6 P&ASVE coaches received their certificate of achievement yesterday. They are ready to work with the Quality Card P&ASVE in their school/institute. School boards-and management where eager.


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Preparatory& Advanced Secondary Vocational Education Schools and institutes who received the self-evaluation instrument are SIFMA (training for day care group leader), SXM Academy (Vocational department), St. Maarten Vocational Training School, Milton Peter’s College TKL, PBL and SBO, Sundial and SMITH; Sint Maarten Institute for Technology and Hospitality.

Management agreements on implementation were formalized with School Boards. With the finalizing of the instrument it is now in the hands of the school boards to ensure the use of this especially for their schools developed self-evaluation instrument. As mr. Rogers from SVOBE (MPC& Sundial) remarked: ‘Quality of Education is our top priority, we will guarantee this instrument will be implemented in our schools’. Most schools decided to integrate the use of the instrument in their year planning.

Director of The Ministry of Education Windward Islands Ms. M. Hazel also received the Quality Card P&AVE and its guideline. She was enthusiastic about the initiative, the development process and the outcome. She especially applauded the involvement of the school boards and their commitment to implement this instrument in their schools as part of their internal Quality Care structure.

For more information, please contact DERPI (5420164), Service centre SBO or Vanderzwan Educational Research& Development (fl*************@ho*****.com)