SBA meets with Commissioner Johnson


Commissioner of Tourism, Chris Johnson, and Director of Tourism, Glenn Holm met with the Saba Tourism and Hotel Association. This was a follow-up meeting from the previous. During the previous meeting it was discussed that Saba should advertise more in Sint Maarten as a tourist destination. Because of this, Manager of the Edge, Debbie Lind was invited by the Saba Tourism and Hotel Association to discuss the role of sea transport to and from Saba.


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One of the issues discussed with The Edge, was the creation of a survey to be given to every passenger on The Edge. There will also be increased advertising in Sint Maarten in regards to marketing the Island of Saba. Billboard signs advertising the island and all the carriers will be created. Charter flights bringing over workers from activity desks was discussed as well as syncing up activity days with hotel activities workers. The Tourist Bureau and Hotel Association will combine effort to execute these activities days as well as through Sint Maarten Radio advertisements.

Commissioner Chris Johnson informed the group that if a budget is presented to Government and that if the group can take over the execution, then Government will commit to the financing of these initiatives.

The group has also taken note and expressed concerns in recent increase in searching by immigration officers of sea vessels. These searches were in the form of a raid such as conducting searches in the open, leaving boxes wide open, and having physical pat downs of both staff and Tourists by local and Dutch Immigration along with Zero tolerance team. The Commissioner assured the Association that he will pass along the concerns and that he has also been subjected to the same procedure.

The combined efforts of the association, tourist bureau, and Commissioner reflect a proactive attitude by the stakeholders of Saba to take on the global economic crisis and re-advertise Saba as the Unspoiled Queen of the Caribbean.