Boulders comes down again in Saba


On Sunday afternoon there was quiet some commotion down at the Fort Bay harbor once again as several big boulders came thumbling down the hill this time though one of the boulders struck a 55 year old woman that was at the time in the sea with her grandchildren.

The woman J.L. of The Bottom, Saba was spending the Sunday afternoon out with her children and grandchildren while enjoying the beautiful weather. It was a real good sunny day and as usual many residents would go down to the harbor to swim and suntan.

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This Sunday however the boulders decided that it was time to once again come down and destroying the beautiful wall at the harbor with a nice mural painted on it. Several weeks ago boulders came down and the area adjacent to the wall was blocked of by barricades.

The ambulance department together with the Hospital staff was immediately dispatched to the area and took the necessary action to take the patient to the A.M. Edward’s Medical Center for treatment and while there it was decided to have the patient rushed by charter flight to the St. Maarten Medical Center. Head of the Department of Public Health on Saba, Dr. Gys Koot spoke to SNA and said that the patient was rushed to the St. Maarten Medical Center for further treatment and he considered the situation to be very serious and that is why they took the decision to send her to St. Maarten. Dr. Koot did not want to divulge if the patient suffered any major broken parts due to confidentiality, but he did not deny or conform that the woman’s leg was broken.

Acting Lt. Governor of Saba Mr. Roy Smith was on hand to also issue some instructions in regards to the safety of other persons that would want to make use of the area. Act. Lt. Governor Smith was in close contact at the harbor with Commissioner with responsibilities for the harbor Mr. Bruce Zagers and Island Council member Mr. Rolando Wilson and the Chief Inspector of Police Mr. Winston Victoria. Also at the harbor were Acting Public Prosecutor Mr. Franklin Wilson and members of the Saba Fire Department, island council woman Ms. Akilah Levenstone and the Red Cross.

After some discussions it was decided to have the area cleared up by Big Rock Engineering Company and some safety regulations were put in place to safeguard the area until Monday morning when the matter will be further looked into. Head of Public works Mr. Hendrik Hassell was also on hand on Sunday afternoon and was discussing matters with the Acting Lt. Governor Mr. Roy Smith. The are leading to the pier has been temporarily blocked of and on Monday some decisions will have to be made as the harbor is the only area where cargo boats comes in to off load their weekly cargo for the island.