SONA Board pays visit to Saba


Today the SONA (Samenwerkings Organisatie) met with the Executive Council of Saba to discuss the SEI (Social Economic Initiative). The Executive Council stressed that regarding infrastructural projects, they are very close to achieving a number of them, however, some things are moving slowly. In particular, it was decided that there is often too much bureaucracy involved in the process of drafting projects.

Commissioner Johnson stated that being a small island has its limitations in regards to human resources and project planning. The island only has a small number of contractors, project writers, and managers therefore things often go slower then is anticipated.

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SONAs response was positive, stating that they understand the concerns of the Government and would be willing to assist the Executive Council with methods to speed up the process in any way they can.

Part of the discussion touched on the joint cooperation programs in the fields of education, institutional strengthening, and administration development. One much anticipated project for the SEI that will soon begin is the expansion of the Government Administration building.

Following the meeting, the delegation was escorted by Commissioner Bruce Zagers to the harbor to see the progress that has been made from the hurricane relief project, totaling 540,000 FLS.

Source: Saba Government Information Services – gi*@sa*****.com