Dengue Outbreak: House-to-House/Yard Inspections Suspended; Public advised to continue taking action

 Dengue Outbreak: House-to-House/Yard Inspections Suspended; Public advised to continue taking preventive actions

The house-to-house/yard inspections as a dengue fever vector control measure has been suspended as of December 19 until January when the aforementioned will resume.

In the mean-time, residents and business owners are requested to continue taking preventive actions to halt mosquito breeding. Inspectors from the Hygiene & Veterinary Department during the past couple of weeks have noticed that home and business owners in some of the districts visited are not adhering to the advice being given on how to eliminate mosquito breeding sites.

Vector Control teams have completed house-to-house/yard inspections in the following areas Middle Region, Dawn Beach, Oyster Pond, Red Pond, Point Blanche, Philipsburg, Fort Willem, Over the Bank, and Suckergarden.

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The Hygiene & Veterinary Department is urging home and business owners not to wait until they or a family member gets dengue, but to take measures by getting rid of items that can collect water and become a breeding ground for mosquito’s.

Acting Head of the Preventive Health Department Maria Henry told the Government Information Service (GIS) on Friday that the success of the dengue fever preventive campaign relies heavily on the support of the community, and the community changing its behavior by following the advice of health authorities.

Henry added that it’s a partnership with the community and a responsibility of individual home and business owners to take the appropriate preventive actions. Those who need information on what measures should be taken can call the Preventive Health Department at 542-2078 or the Hygiene & Veterinary Department at 542-2079.

Parents are also being requested to take measures to protect their children from mosquito bites. Use mosquito repellant and have kids wear long sleeve clothing while outdoors. These are important protective measures.

The Dengue Action Response Team (DART), the Island Governments multidisciplinary team coordinating the nation’s dengue response, also stated on Friday that they will continue to keep the community abreast of further developments.

A dengue fever presentation was given to over 30 staff members of the Sonesta Great Bay Beach Hotel by members of the DART Team. The presentation covered preventive actions, dengue fever symptoms and treatment.

Dengue is a mosquito-borne infection that causes a severe flu-like illness that affects infants, young children and adults, but seldom causes death.