CBS Victim Survey 2008 starts June in Curacao, Bonaire and Sint Maarten

 CBS Victim Survey 2008 starts June in Curacao, Bonaire and Sint Maarten

In June, the Central Bureau of Statistics (CBS) will conduct the 2008 Victim Survey in Curaçao, Bonaire and Sint Maarten. The aim of the Victim Survey is to measure crime experiences of households and individuals, and the experiences of crime victims.

In our community, people may become victim of many types of crime. A victim can denounce the crime to the police. In reality, not everyone involved in a crime as a victim reports to the police. So figures registered at the police office do not always give a complete view of the reality. Other instruments such as a Victim Survey are necessary to get additional information about crime in our community and the way households are affected by crime.


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In this survey, persons will be asked about their experience with crime as a victim, their willingness to report a crime and their opinion about crime and safety in our community. The survey results give answers about the number of victims and different crimes and about the sense of security and the opinions of people on the status of crime in our society.

To be able to give a correct image of the status of crime, the willingness to cooperate of all persons asked to be interviewed is important. CBS, as bounded by law, will process all personal information collected in this survey anonymously. The interviewers are also committed to confidentially and are obliged to show their identity card the moment they contact the household.

CBS would like to thank all selected households in advance for their cooperation.