The Police Force of Sint Maarten (KPSM) reaffirms its commitment to community
engagement and youth development through its proactive approach in connecting with the
youngest members of society. As part of the ongoing year-long plan to foster positive
relationships with the youth, officers Miss Shawn Crispulo and Officer Irlau Lioe-A-Tjam,
visited the “Little Dreams” preschool on Coralita Road on Thursday, January 18th, 2024.
The visit was extended in response to an invitation from the preschool management, who
organized a special Career Day event. This initiative aligns with KPSM’s dedication to
instilling a sense of responsibility, safety, and community awareness from the earliest ages.
The preschool’s thematic focus for January is Career Day, providing an excellent opportunity
for the police force to showcase its commitment to supporting and guiding the future
leaders of Sint Maarten.
During the visit, officers engaged with the preschool kids, emphasizing the importance of
community service, safety, and the role of law enforcement in society. The interactive
session aimed to inspire young minds and cultivate a positive perception of the police force
as approachable, caring, and supportive.
KPSM expresses its gratitude to the management of “Little Dreams” preschool for extending
the invitation and actively participating in this meaningful event. The collaboration between
law enforcement and educational institutions is crucial in building a stronger, safer, and
more connected community.