Update on Notarizing of Government issued Decrees

The Ministry of VROMI has received several calls, emails, etc from the public that the notary offices on
the island have a backlog related to passing deeds. While the Ministry of VROMI does not have any
influence on the tempo or work method of the notary offices, it is aware of the potential issues persons
may experience if a decree received from the Ministry of VROMI is not passed within the stipulated
period in said decree.
Several persons were affected by the decision of the Dutch Supreme Court in the Netherlands regarding
the DiDam arrest. As such, a meeting was held with the Notaries together with the Ministry of VROMI on
this matter. While the meeting was productive, the Minister of VROMI wishes to issue an extension on
the periods in said decrees in his continued effort to provide assistance to the public.
It is important to note that this communication only pertains to issues related to passing deeds at the
notaries based on the lapsed (or near expiration) periods as mentioned in existing/issued deeds. This
communication and the extensions mentioned herein do not affect and do not apply to the conditions
mentioned in the deeds other than or besides the period relating to passing deeds.
The extension shall work as follows:
If a Ministerial Decree issued by the Ministry of VROMI was scheduled to be passed within six (6)
months and that period (to have the decree passed by the notary) expired on or before June 1st, 2023,
the period will be extended until June 1st, 2024.
The notaries will also be made aware of the Ministry’s stance as it relates to the extending of the
periods as mentioned in this notification to streamline the communications.
The Ministry will also continue to monitor the situation as it relates to passing the deeds. A follow-up
meeting between the Minister of VROMI and the notaries will be scheduled in the first weeks of January
2024 to review the progress being made.
The above decision along with the long lease policy on first time issuance will be communicated via the
National Gazette in their next publication.