The General Audit Chamber hosts webinar for election candidates

The General Audit Chamber, the institution that investigates the legal and efficient allocation of tax funds, successfully hosted a webinar on December 20th. Enitled “Insight & Oversight: Parliament and the General Audit Chamber,” the event brought together candidates for the upcoming elections to provide insights into the role of the General Audit Chamber.
Mr. Alphons Gumbs, the Chairman of the General Audit Chamber, led the webinar and elucidated on the
functions performed by the institution. Accompanying him were board members, Mrs. Mandy Daal-Offringa and Mrs. Sheryl Peterson, along with deputy member Mrs. Amanda Gumbs-Weijmer.
A noteworthy highlight of the event was the presentation by Mr. Keith de Jong, the Director of the General Audit Chamber, who delved into the intricate relationship between the Audit Chamber and Parliament. His presentation provided insights into how both entities collaborate to ensure transparency, accountability, and effective governance.
The webinar was well attended with candidates from different political parties. During the session,
participants actively posed thought-provoking questions, which demonstrated a keen interest in
governmental financial oversight.
Expressing gratitude to all attendees, Mr. Alphons Gumbs stated, “We appreciate the active engagement of all participants and the thoughtful questions raised during the webinar. This event underscores the
importance of maintaining an open dialogue between the General Audit Chamber and those who seek to
serve in Parliament.”
To further extend the reach of this informative session, the General Audit Chamber recorded the webinar
and has distributed it to all participating parties.
For additional information on the General Audit Chamber and its role in safeguarding fiscal responsibility,
interested parties are encouraged to visit the official website at and follow the Audit
Chamber on social media.