Sint Maarten Police Force Elevates Personnel Training in Collaboration with DutchCaribbean Police Chiefs, Acknowledges International Support

In alignment with the visionary goals set forth by the Chief of Police of Sint Maarten, and in
collaboration with counterparts across the Dutch Caribbean, a prepared training plan was
put in motion on other to enhance the skill set and expertise of police personnel. The
initiative, funded by the “Association of Chiefs of Police of the Dutch Caribbean,” aims to
collectively elevate the capabilities of the diverse police forces.
In the week of December 12th, 2023, the first phase of this transformative training unfolded
at Miami-Dade College. This initial segment focused on Community Policing and laid the
foundation for an extensive training program scheduled for early 2024. The primary
emphasis during this phase was on Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
(CPTED). Officers were given insights into CPTED principles and learned to formulate
security assessments for various buildings and businesses.

A specialized training session also took place for members of the A-Team, concentrating on
“Bomb Verkenning” (Bomb Reconnaissance). This module provided participants with
insights into recognizing and managing explosive threats. The thorough training ensures
that the A-Team is prepared to handle situations involving explosives with precision and
As part of this training program, Members of the A-Team also undertook a walkthrough of
various critical infrastructure locations on Sint Maarten. This proactive measure, aligned
with the vision and knowledge gained during the Bomb Verkenning (Bomb Reconnaissance)
training, ensures that the team is well-equipped to handle any situation that may arise at
these vital sites.

Simultaneously, officers serving as shooting instructors underwent advanced training in the
Netherlands, specializing in their field. This training program aims to enhance their
instructional capabilities, thereby contributing to a more skilled and proficient police force.
The success of these training initiatives would not have been possible without the
collaborative efforts of the different police organizations across the Dutch Caribbean. The
Sint Maarten Police Force expresses gratitude to Minister of Justice of Sint Maarten and all
the Ministers of Justice from other countries for their invaluable input and support in
shaping these training programs.
These meticulously designed training sessions underscore the commitment of the
“Association of Chiefs of Police of the Dutch Caribbean” to elevate and specialize the
personnel across different police organizations. The ongoing collaboration reflects a united
effort to ensure that law enforcement professionals are equipped with the latest skills and
knowledge, fostering a safer and more secure environment for the communities they serve.