In a separate incident on Saturday, December 16th, 2023, during routine controls, a firewas discovered in a scooter.

The r was confiscated, and the owner, identified on Sunday, was subsequently arrested. These actions highlight the proactive approach of the police force in addressing potential threats to public safety.

Vehicle controls were carried out extensively, leading to the issuance of several fines for various violations. The Sint Maarten Police Force urges all residents to comply with traffic regulations and adhere to safety measures.
In the upcoming days, the police will be addressing the parking situation on Front Street.
Drivers are kindly requested to utilize the free parking spaces in Philipsburg and refrain from leaving their vehicles unattended on the sidewalk. It is essential to note that vehicles left unattended on the Front Street sidewalk will be subject to towing.
The Sint Maarten Police Force remains committed to creating a safe and secure environment
for residents and visitors alike. The cooperation of the community is vital in achieving this goal.