St. Maarten Shines Bright in London: Cheryl Dangleben-York Emerges Triumphant as Winner of the Face of WOHA

In a blaze of excitement and unwavering solidarity, the St. Maarten Tourism Bureau (STB) proudly declares its resounding support for Cheryl Dangleben-York, setting the stage ablaze as she took center spotlight and emerged victorious at the prestigious Face of Women of Hearts Awards (WOHA) event in London on November 17.
May-Ling Chun, the Director of Tourism for St. Maarten, stated, “In endorsing Cheryl Dangleben-York’s vibrant representation of St. Maarten at the Face of WOHA in London, we are not just supporting an individual; we are championing the spirit of diversity, equality, and inclusion on a global stage. Her success resonates as a powerful beacon, embodying the values our destination proudly upholds. STB joyfully rallies behind Dangleben-York, as her presence in London propels our ongoing mission to spotlight St. Maarten’s commitment to positive change.”
The Face of WOHA, in its fourth glorious year, radiates with professionals from diverse backgrounds, creating a symphony of voices and messages on a global stage. Dangleben-York, a dazzling finalist, stood tall among 20 extraordinary women committed to sparking positive change worldwide.
Dangleben-York’s triumph in London not only marks a personal victory but also unlocks a golden
opportunity for St. Maarten to shine on the global stage, showcasing positive values that beckon
travelers seeking destinations deeply engaged in social and cultural initiatives.
As the curtain falls on the Face of WOHA Speaking Extravaganza, STB joyfully applauds Cheryl
Dangleben-York for her victory on November 17. Her achievement echoes the resilience, strength,
and excellence that define St. Maarten’s spirit.
In her own jubilant words, Dangleben-York expresses heartfelt gratitude for the overwhelming
support pouring in from her family, colleagues, friends, Toastmasters Family, and generous
contributors. She acknowledges the gravity of representing St. Maarten amidst the grandeur of
London and appreciates the unwavering support that carried her through moments of challenge.
STB extends heartfelt congratulations to Cheryl Dangleben-York, illuminating her path with wishes
for continued success in her endeavors.