In an age dominated by computers and other distractions, it is impossible to overestimate the value of reading to and with your children.

In continuation with the Babies and Toddlers Book Start Campaign 2023, the Sint Maarten Library held an excellent parental workshop led by presenter and respected Educator, Reading Recovery and Remedial Teacher, Patricia Illidge- Maier.
The event was organized as a precursor of the World Literacy Day September 8, 2023, with the purpose of establishing a reading culture for the early childhood development on Sint Maarten.
Mrs. Illidge – Maier delivered an impactful presentation. Prior to the informative workshop, the children who were present were engaged by esteemed expert in the field of education Jessica Mckenzie- Setz, who read the story titled “Het Ochtend Koor written by Suzanne Barton. They were then entertained by Shakirah Cornett to ensure that the parents could take in all of the information that they required for their children.
The parental session was informative, emphasizing the importance of parents reading to their children as well as developing a lifetime love of reading.
Parents plays a pivotal and active role in their children’s educational development.
Practical tips, strategies, and recommendations for age-appropriate materials were given to the parents to assist them in engaging their children via reading, making it a joyful rewarding experience for both them and their children.
Parents, educators, and community members listened attentively to the vital role reading and visiting the library plays in a child’s life.
The workshop concluded with a lively Q&A session where attendees had the opportunity to seek personalize advice and recommendations from Mrs. Illidge – Maier and also sign up their little ones at the library and receive their BoekStart Koffertjes.