In the early hours of Wednesday morning, August 16, 2023, a serious vehicle accident occurred on A.J.C Brouwers Road involving a blue AUDI SUV and a white DACIA.

The accident, which took place around 02:30 AM, resulted in significant damage to both vehicles
and injuries to one of the drivers.
According to initial reports from the police central dispatch, multiple calls were received regarding the accident on A.J.C Brouwers Road. The collision transpired between a white DACIA, and a blue Audi SUV.
Preliminary investigations reveal that the white DACIA was traveling on A.J.C Brouwers Road in the direction of the Kruithoff roundabout. In contrast, the blue Audi SUV was ascending the hill on the same road but from the opposite direction. For reasons that remain under investigation, the driver of the Audi lost control of the vehicle, veering into the
oncoming lane, and subsequently colliding with the white DACIA.
The impact of the collision was severe, causing substantial damage to both vehicles. The driver of the white DACIA sustained injuries to the head as a result of the collision. Promptly after the incident, on-scene first aid was administered to the injured driver. Subsequently, the injured individual was transported to the Sint Maarten Medical Center for further medical evaluation and treatment.
Personnel of the traffic department of KPSM are currently investigating the circumstances surrounding the accident