Sint Maarten Police Press Release: Prioritizing Student Safety for the New School Year 2023/2024

As our young students embark on their educational journey, The police Force of Sint Maarten emphasize the paramount importance of road and personal safety.
With the official start of the school year, we urge parents, guardians, and bus drivers to actively participate in safeguarding our children. Your input is invaluable in ensuring their well-being during their daily commutes. Responsible driving habits and adherence to traffic regulations are fundamental to creating a safe environment for everyone.
We kindly request parents to exercise caution and responsibility while navigating traffic. Let us work together to prevent any incidents that could lead to harm. We also call upon parents who transport their children to school on motorcycles to prioritize safety. Ensure your children are securely transported and avoid carrying more than one child on a motorcycle.
As partners in the community, your collective efforts can significantly contribute to the protection of our students. By fostering a culture of safety, we aim to create a learning environment that nurtures growth without compromise.
Let us unite in keeping our students safe and ensuring a successful academic year ahead.