Condolence Book Opened for STAT Employee Gemma Felix

The Council of Ministers (COM) set aside time on Thursday to sign the condolence-memorial
book that has been opened in memory of Gemma Felix.
Felix was an employee of the Department of Statistics (STAT) with the Ministry of Tourism, Economic Affairs, Transport and Telecommunication (TEATT) at the time of her passing, where she was primarily responsible for the calculation of the Consumer Price Index and Inflation.
Before the official signing, the Secretary General of the Ministry TEATT, Miguel de Weever, spoke warmly about Felix and her work ethics.
The Ministry of TEATT’s Management Team and the employees of the Department of Statistics witnessed the signing by members of COM, which was followed by their personal signing of the book.

The general public and civil servants are invited to sign the condolence-memorial book, which is located at the entrance to the Government Administration Building.
Signing is possible from Friday, May 26 through Friday, June 9.