Saba receives new fire truck

The Saba Fire Department on Wednesday, April 26th, unveiled the newest fire truck added to its
fleet. The new fire truck will go into service starting immediately.
The truck, manufactured by Wiss from Poland, is a significant upgrade from the other trucks currently in
the fleet. Island Governor Johnathan Johnson spoke at the reveal stating, “it is great you guys are always
prepared and well equipped. This is a great achievement and I congratulate you all and make good use
of the truck.” 
The Saba Fire Department has already begun training its firefighters on how to use the equipment, and
the community will see the new truck on the road in the coming weeks. “We are happy to have the new
fire truck, and I hope we only have to use it for training,” stated Fire Chief Julio Every.
The project for a new fire truck took about a year to complete, with two trucks dispersed, one to St.
Eustatius and one to Saba. Chief Every commented that he has received positive and enthusiastic
feedback about the new truck. “We should be proud,” he said. 
The new fire truck is a game-changer for the Fire Department. It is equipped with newer technology and
features, making it the most advanced fire truck on the island. The fire truck features several upgrades
including being noticeably larger in size.
The size of the truck allows for approximately 2,000 liters of water and 200 liters of foam. With a larger
water tank and a state-of-the-art pressure system, the firefighters can put out fires in less time, and can
fight fires for longer periods of time without having to refill. In addition, the truck functions as a rescue
truck with the jaws of life and other rescue equipment available for use. 
“A special thanks to all who help on this project. We are grateful to James Hassell for his hard work and
dedication,” said Chief Every at the ceremony. He noted that the help the Fire Department received in
acquiring this new truck allowed them to better protect the community.