Haitian Association of St. Maarten) HASMA to Host Official “FET DRAPO” Haitian Flag Day Celebration on May 18th

The Haitian Association of Sint Maarten, (“HASMA,”) is hard at work organizing this year’s upcoming “FET DRAPO” celebration on May 18th, 2023, at Emilio Wilson Park. This event is of great cultural significance as it is a commemoration of the creation of the Haitian flag, this year’s event is particularly special as it marks the 220th anniversary of the flag’s creation.The event promises to be a vibrant and colorful celebration of Haitian culture and heritage, featuring music, dance, food, and various cultural activities. The theme for this year’s event is “My Flag is My Identity,” emphasizing the importance of the Haitian flag in preserving and celebrating the Haitian identity.

“Fet Drapo” celebration is an annual event rotated between the Dutch Sint Maarten and French St. Martin. Last year, our French counterparts, Association Les A, organized the event, and we were there to support it. This year, as in 2021, we will be the official organizers of this year’s celebration, and they will be there to support and celebrate with us.

The Haitian flag is a symbol of unity, freedom, and pride for Haitians worldwide. It was created in 1803 by Jean-Jacques Dessalines and Catherine Flon, as a symbol of the fight for independence as Haiti became the first Black-led nation to gain independence from European colonization. The flag’s design of blue and red stripes with a white square and a coat of arms in the center has inspired many other flags, including other Caribbean nations, such as Cuba, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Colombia, as well as the African nations of Senegal and Guinea among others.

“HASMA is proud to continue the tradition of the ‘FET DRAPO’ celebration, “It is a way for us to honor our history, celebrate our culture, and unite the Haitian community on the island. We are grateful to our French counterparts, Association Les A, for organizing last year’s event and are looking forward to their support as we organize this year’s celebration.”

The Haitian community in Sint Maarten is diverse and thriving, and we believe this event will bring together people of all ages, backgrounds, and nationalities to celebrate and learn about our Haitian culture,

We invite all other Haitian organizations, associations, interest groups, and those interested in Haitian culture to join us in celebrating this historic and cultural event. In fact, we invite the entire population of St. Maarten to come to eat, drink, and dance with us. The event is also an opportunity for all to learn about Haitian culture and heritage and foster unity and patriotism among all nationalities. ” said a spokesperson for HASMA.

HASMA is committed to preserving and promoting the Haitian culture in Sint Maarten and ensuring that the younger generation understands and appreciates their heritage. The annual “FET DRAPO” celebration is a significant step in achieving this goal.

For more information about the event, sponsorship opportunities, or vendor inquiries, please contact HASMA at HA******@gm***.com or call us at 1721-5268232