VOG online application platform is processing VOG applications swiftly

Following the launch of the online application platform for the Declaration of Conduct
(VOG) on January 9, 2023, the Ministry of Justice reports a significant improvement in the overall
handling of VOG requests with increased visibility and monitoring and quicker delivery times. The
Ministry has received a total of five hundred and twenty-nine (529) online applications of which one
hundred and five (105) have been completed with clients receiving their VOGs via email. Persons
who applied for a VOG via the Public Service Center prior to the platform’s launch are being
contacted by the Ministry of Justice to retrieve their VOG at the department of Judicial Affairs which
is situated at Illidge Road above the Immigration Department.
Presently, there are one hundred and ninety-six (196) applications awaiting payment. This means the
applicant is to upload proof of payment in order for the actual screening process to begin. The public
is therefore reminded that the actual process does not begin until all the required documents are
uploaded. These include a valid form of identification, a valid registration form, and proof of
Two hundred and three (203) applications are being processed at the Attorney-General’s Office. The
Attorney-General’s office checks the judicial documentation (criminal history) of the applicant.
Based on the most recent statistics, on average it takes the Attorney-General’s office seven (7)
working days to check the judicial documentation of the applicant.
The online application process includes four (4) steps outlined below.
Step 1: Payment Confirmation – Upon submitting an application the requestor must provide proof of
payment of the processing fee of Naf 50 in order to begin the vetting process.
Step 2: Vetting/Reviewer – The back office of the Ministry of Justice performs a vetting of the
supporting documents and verification of the processing fee payment. Non-compliant applications
are rejected, and clients are notified by email.
Step 3: Prosecutor Review – The final screening is done by the Attorney-General’s office. For
applications with no objections the Attorney-General’s office updates the digital application,
allowing the client to receive their VOG immediately.
Step 4: Review Committee of the Ministry of Justice – If the Attorney-General’s office finds judicial
documentation (a criminal record) on the applicant, the application is forwarded to the Review
Committee of the Ministry of Justice. This Review Committee weighs the criminal record against the
purpose of the VOG application. The VOG policy as well as the relevant legal framework provides
the necessary guidelines for the weighing process. Based on the assessment made a VOG can either
be still issued or denied. The applicant is informed by email about this decision.To apply online for a VOG or for more information about the online application process, please visit
the website of the Ministry of Justice, www.ministryofjustice.sx.