Community officer and personnel from VROMI did a survey in relation to cars left abandoned in St Peters .

The community officer of St.Peters together with government agency VROMI conducted a survey in the district of St.Peters in connection with the large number of vehicles left abandoned along public roads.
During this survey, authorities identified a total of 52 abandoned vehicles that need to be removed.
Owners of vehicles that have been left along public roads are strongly urged to remove these vehicles as soon as possible as VROMI will take action together with the community officers to remove them in the interest of general safety.
Leaving abandoned vehicles alongside roads or side streets disrupts the free flow of traffic and also makes it dangerous for emergency services to access certain parts of the community.
Utility companies have also pointed out the significant inconvenience caused to work operations due to improperly parked and/or abandoned vehicles on public roads.
The practice of parking or leaving abandoned vehicles on public roads violates the law and can result in a fine and the possibility of the vehicle being towed away at the owner’s expense. Vehicle owners should also keep in mind that these random vehicles left randomly along the road can create a creates a negative image of the neighborhood.