TelEm Group’s popular poster messages motivate positive classroom vibes

A selection of some of the school signs that TelEm Group has been putting up since the start of the new school term to keep schoolchildren motivated and inspired.
Pond Island – TelEm Group is giving parents, teachers, and students something extra to think about for this school term, with a host of uplifting messages the company hopes will motivate, inspire, and encourage St. Maarten’s youth to continue to reach for the stars.

Each year the company promotes or highlights its positive poster messages on school walls buildings and also at various sports venues.
This year the messages have received a bright new facelift, incorporating images of various mobile devices, back to school paraphernalia, sizzling neon colors and a mixture of fun fonts.
The illustrations are all designed foremost to capture attention, but also to deliver the motivating messages, which are many and varied. For instance, one message encourages the youth to “do the right thing – even when no one is looking”, and other is more direct, stating: “The best way to predict your future is to create it.”
TelEm Group says it has received positive comments from members of the public, all of whom believe the inspiring words are a timely reminder to the youth why they go to school and what they are there for.
“The fast-past – social-media – online world we live it today makes it very difficult for our youth to slow down and take a moment to really think. To a great extent the TelEm posters help them to do that because they have to stop and read the messages. We are very encouraged by some of the comments that come back to us from those who have read the posters,” one teacher explained.
TelEm Group, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) Mr. Michiel Parent, thanks his Marketing & Sales teams for once again bringing these positive and uplifting messages to St. Maarten’s youth.
“Young people continue to face challenges as they navigate through a very important stage of their lives, any little we can to do keep them on the right path is a pleasure,” said Mr. Parent.