Report any form of Child abuse

In past weeks, several cases involving the alleged abuse of minors have been covered in the media.
For this reason, Police assure the public that KPSM’s Youth and Moral Department is aware of these
cases. One particular instance is of several individuals circulating a video showing the abuse of a
minor. Police are in possession of a copy of this video that is now evidence in the further investigation
of this matter.
Individuals circulating this video and any other of a similar nature should take heed that being in
possession of child pornography on their cell phones is a criminal offense. This includes forwarding
these types of videos. Police warn the public to cease distribution of this or similar videos
Minors and their families are the victims in these situations and police handle these cases with great
sensitivity and discretion. Police urge the public to do the same.
Community officers and police are actively participating in education programs to reduce the risk of
potential child abuse and neglect and to encourage reporting of such crimes.