Minister Ottley kickstarts collaborations with Curaçao for registry of medical professionals.

The Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor, Mr. Omar Ottley has gained the commitment from the Minister of Public Health in Curaçao, Drs. Dorothy Pietersz-Janga to join forces to finalize the establishment of a local ‘BIG’ registry for medical professionals.
Both countries have identified the benefit of working together in order to expand the current pool from which medical professionals can be sourced, making it easier for the countries to hire qualified medical professionals from around the world to provide care that is not available locally.
At present, Sint Maarten can only hire foreign medical professionals with credentials from the European Union (EU) or medical professionals who are ‘BIG’ registered in the Netherlands.
During the visit, Minister Ottley and his delegation learned of the experiences and challenges with the establishment of the Curaçao BIG registry. Representatives of the Ministry of Public Health in Curacao will be joining the committee that has been established by Sint Maarten to further these preparations.