Simpsonbay, St. Maarten (March 30, 2021) – Throughout the month of March 2022,
Princess Juliana International Airport (PJIA.) kicked off its health program which
supports and encourages employees to work on a healthy lifestyle and work life balance.
Various activities were carried out, such as the implementation of Work Fruit throughout the
various PJIAE departments. Work Fruit is a program whereby all departments received fruit
baskets and healthy snacks to encourage healthy eating throughout the day.
To further emphasize the importance of healthy eating and nutrition, PJIA also collaborated with
Green Meds SXM. Green Meds is an integrated Health Clinic that offers an alternative way to
maintain a healthy lifestyle while balancing nutrition.
Various informative sessions were held by Dietitian Ms. Berit Bus, whereby PJIA employees
had the opportunity to attend sessions and obtain information on nutrition and healthy eating.
The Airport’s Rescue and Firefighting Department (R&FF), trains regularly during the week
to maintain a healthy and fit physique. Following his attendance, the Chief of the Rescue and
Firefighting department of PJIAE N.V., Mr. Manilo Penijn, stated: “I am very happy that the
healthy eating and nutrition sessions were held, many in attendance were impressed with what
they learned. The R&FF department is looking forward to attending more sessions in the future.”
Encouraging all PJIA workers and airport community to work on their Healthy Lifestyle & Work
Life Balance, the first-ever PJIA “Runway Run: Fit for 2022’” was organized for its staff and
stakeholders. Ms. Sandy Offringa, Legal Counsel of PJIAE N.V. and chairlady of the organizing
committee lead the event. Offringa is also a personal trainer and one of the top sporters on the
island, she stated: “We had a great turnout and I’m happy to be a part of this healthy program at
PJIA. There was so much interest from the St. Maarten (sports) community to also participate in
this unique run, therefore we will be looking into the possibility of organizing another run with
an open invitation to the St. Maarten community to take part in the next event.”
“Given that the month of March 2022 was such a success, our HR Department has decided to
extend the Health Lifestyle & Work Life Balance Program until April 30, 2022,” concluded
Ms. Miguela Gumbs, Human Resource Manager of PJIAE N.V.