The Ministry of Justice participates in SXM DOET 2022

Philipsburg – On Friday, March 11, and Saturday, March 12, 2022, the eighth edition of SXM DOET
took place. SXM DOET is the biggest volunteering event on St. Maarten. It is also a Kingdom wide
event. Although the primary task of the Ministry of Justice regards fighting crime, protecting public
order and safety, the Ministry also wholeheartedly supports initiatives that focus on contributing in a
positive manner to the community of St. Maarten as a whole. The Honorable Minister of Justice
Anna E. Richardson is therefore very proud to announce that the Ministry of Justice was well
represented during this year’s SXM DOET. 
Staff members of different Justice Departments with different professions and backgrounds,
participated in a wide variety of DOET projects this year. Police officers, Department Heads,
Probation Officers, Human Resource officers, policy officers and secretaries all showed their strong
will to give back to our precious community and volunteered as a team of colleagues or as an
To highlight a few of these projects:
Police Officers of KPSM and the Junior Minister of Justice Jondalin Brown, helped to build a
playground for the shelter of the Dr. J. Foundation in Sucker Garden and assisted in constructing
benches as well as painting the walls at the Leonald Conner School in Cay Bay. 
The Probation Office (SJIS) helped in hosting a Barbecue and Fun Day for our senior citizens at The
Senior Citizens Recreational Centre in Hope Estate. 
The Court of Guardianship got creative and painted beautiful murals at the IDEAL preschool in
Mary’s Fancy. While still sleepy after their afternoon nap, the little ones immediately showed signs
of approval to the colorful masterpiece.
The Ministry of Justice Staff Bureau and the Department of Judicial Affairs got their hands dirty for
The New Start for Children Foster Home also in Mary’s Fancy where they planted fruit trees and
made planter boxes for vegetables and herbs. The children of the foster home will now each be
responsible for caring and nurturing these fruit trees, vegetables and herbs.
With the help and flexibility of the UJIMA Foundation, the Ministry was able to create a project
location for a group of inmates within the walls of the Point Blanche prison. The inmates are
currently building benches for the UJIMA Foundation in the prison. 
It is noteworthy that in the eight (8) years of SXM DOET, this is the first time the inmates have been
offered an opportunity to participate and give back to the community. Minister Richardson felt it
would be great to get the inmates involved in this Kingdom wide initiative with the rest of the island.

Needless to say, Minister Richardson is elated that a few of the inmates accepted the challenge and
are busy making their contribution.
“SXM DOET is on a mission to help improve the idea of volunteering and community service
through fun and creativity. As such, I take this opportunity to send a resounding round of applause to
the coordinators of SXM DOET and by extension, Be The Change Foundation on another successful
year as we take the steps towards our new normal post the COVID-19 pandemic. I’d also like to
thank the internal coordinators at the Ministry, Geertje van Haperen and Demi Bute, all the
departments of the Ministry that participated, the Point Blanche prison inmates, the Department of
Communication (DCOMM) for their support and coverage, and a special thank you to the four
Foundations that opened their doors to be assisted. I look forward to even more organizations
registering their projects in 2023, so that even more volunteers can register to strengthen the efforts
of the organizations by making their ideas become reality. Let’s continue moving St. Maarten
forward, together.” concluded Minister Richardson.