Delegation to The Hague for meetings

SABA—A delegation of the Public Entity Saba will be in the Netherlands as of next week for talks with
the Dutch ministries.
With the various ministries in The Hague, the delegation will be discussing a wide range of topics that
are important for Saba. These topics include: the free allowance, the harbor, infrastructure, the Saba
Package, economic affairs (Tourism Master Plan, Economic Impact Assessment, renewable energy),
waste management, water management, electricity, connectivity, school buildings, nature & agriculture,
initiatives in the sports domain, different programs in the social domain, poverty alleviation, high cost of
living, high cost of doing business, safety & disaster management.
On the program are also meetings with several Members of the Second Chamber of the Dutch
Parliament, including Chairperson of the Second Chamber’s Permanent Committee for Kingdom
Relations Mariëlle Paul. Part of the delegation will visit Alkmaar for an exchange program with this
The delegation consists Island Governor Jonathan Johnson, Commissioner Bruce Zagers, Island Secretary
Tim Muller, Head of the Finance Department Maureen Hassell and policy advisors Nicole Johnson and
Zelda Meeuwsen.