Römer and Liberia-Peters appointed mediators between Island Council and Government Commissioners in Statia

Suzanne (Suzy) Camelia- Römer, lawyer and former Prime Minister of the
Netherlands Antilles and Maria Liberia-Peters, former Prime Minister of the
Netherlands Antilles, have been appointed to assist in a mediation attempt
between the Island Council and the Government Commissioner Alida Francis
and Deputy Government Commissioner Claudia Toet.
Romer and Liberia-Peters have already presented a Plan of Action to both the
Government Commissioners and the Island Council.
The Island Council has appointed Suzanne (Suzy) Camelia Römer as their mediator;
the Government Commissioners have appointed Maria Liberia-Peters as their
mediator. Both mediators have declared their willingness to assist both the Island
Council and the Government Commissioners in the mediation attempt. The request
was made after the motion of the Island Council, dated December 23 rd , 2021 was
adopted. When the motion was presented by the Island Council on December 23 rd
2021, the Government Commissioners were immediately in agreement that
mediation is necessary. (see hereby a link to the motion: Mediation. Motion | Decree,
order or decision | St. Eustatius (statiagovernment.com)
The mediators are currently studying the relevant laws and official documents in
order to prepare themselves for their assignment. They will receive support from
Alba Martijn, lawyer and former Ombudsman on Curaçao who is considered to be
an expert in these matters.
All partners and mediators involved are looking forward to the starting of the
mediation process.