Parental responsibility & involvement with students needed

Police were called on Monday, 21 February 2022, by one of the high schools as a student was found
with marijuana-laced cookies. Police confiscated the cookies and thereafter conducted an information
session on the dangers of consuming marijuana-laced products.
The following day, police were once again called by the same high school due to a student being in
possession of a firearm. Police confiscated the weapon and arrested the student.
Over the recent weeks, the Police Force of Sint Maarten Police KPSM has issued numerous press releases concerning the behavior of secondary school students – in- and outside of school.
Throughout the communiques, the parents were urged to commit to
improving the situation at the schools by talking with their children.
Police, however, have seen no improvement in the situation.
Activities in and around high schools continue to be a serious and dangerous issue which can have consequences for other innocent individuals.
Parental involvement, both at home and at school, can translate into long-lasting benefits for children
from early childhood through adult life.
At some point as a parent, you will likely be faced with the dreaded call from the school or police
informing you that your child(ren) has crossed the line.
Maintaining school discipline is an issue that’s not going away. It will continue to be addressed by
educators, law enforcement, and parents. Everyone has their part to play in the best interests of the
community of Sint Maarten and the students themselves.