St. Martin writer Lasana Sekou on the Barbados republic

There are Caribbean cultural workers that are as focused on the historical meaning of Barbados becoming a republic on November 30, as are political scientists and everyday citizens who love political matters, said Jacqueline Sample, president of House of Nehesi Publishers (HNP).
Sample pointed to a statement by St. Martin writer Lasana M. Sekou on the
Facebook page of the indie press in early November.
Sekou’s statement reads: “In 2021, Barbados declares itself a republic. This
significant step in the sovereignty journey of the country and its people acquires the newest political milestone in the ongoing building of political communities in our region.”
For Barbadians, and for Caribbean people in general, the significant step “also invests in an irreversible psychological development that is crucial in advancing Caribbean civilization,” said Sekou, who is also the HNP projects director. (
HNP is a St. Martin publisher of acclaimed Barbadian political thinkers,
historians, and authors such as George Lamming and Kamau Brathwaite.
November 30 is the 55 th anniversary of Barbados independence.