The Sint Maarten Police request assistance to locate all rightful owners of confiscated/ stolen vehicles

The Sint Maarten Police Force is once again making a plea to all who may have had their vehicle confiscated by KPSM, to come to the station and collect them with proper documentation.
The vehicles that are allowed to be retrieved are those that were taken out of circulation, because they were being used in a way that was against the law, for instance, used without insurance, or because they had a technical problem or confiscated.
Throughout several investigations into stolen motor vehicles, the police have confiscated several cars. Several of these vehicles may be returned to the respective/legal owners on the request of the prosecutor’s office.
The personnel of the Detective Department have attempted to locate several
owners of these vehicles, however they have been unable to locate do so.
A list of names of owners linked to the confiscated vehicles has been compiled by the police. A call goes out to these owners or persons who can have contact with the owners of these vehicles to please contact the Detective Department at the police station in Philipsburg as soon as possible.
If you know your vehicle, car or motorbike, is present at the police station and still not subject to a criminal investigation, you can take it with you if you can present the following documents: a proof of your identity (a driver’s license, identity card or passport) and proof that you are the rightful owner. You will also be required to present proof of insurance and inspection.
Anyone that has any information concerning these vehicles can contact the
investigating team on telephone number 5422222 ext. 214, 211 or 208. Or
information can be given anonymously via the Tip line telephone number 9311.