United Academy for student athletes; sports, culture, IT vacation camp at SoIL

The “sports and academic support program” United Academy will host a “mix and mingle” on Friday, July 27, at SoIL to introduce its program, “geared at student athletes,” and its school vacation camp, said organizer and educator Rhoda Arrindell.
The United Academy will be headquartered at Source of Inspiration and Learning (SoIL) café at #1 Alamanda Drive/LB Scot Road, Betty’s Estate.
“Friday’s social mixer, from 5 – 8 PM, is open to people interested in the combined academic and athletic development of our young and aspiring athletes, and this first one is specifically geared toward a discussion of improving students’ opportunities in baseball and softball,” said Arrindell, a long-time sports organizer.
The United Academy “aims to assist student athletes on their path to successful collegiate or professional sports,” said Arrindell, who is also a lecturer at the University of St. Martin.
At the SoIL mixer Arrindell will also announce the school vacation camp, which starts on Monday, July 30 and runs until August 10. The vacation camp will focus on sports, culture, and Internet technology, said Arinndell. The sports areas are baseball and softball, while camp participants will also participate in activities promoting gaming and the island’s culture.
“Parents and guardians wishing to sign up their children, ages 8 to 12 and 13 and up, can contact United Academy at telephone 520-1136,” said Arrindell.
“St. Martin’s baseball legend Rafel Skeete is scheduled to conduct baseball training sessions for players and coaches as well,” said Arrindell.
The vacation camp venues will be at the SoIL café and the José Lake, Sr./John Cooper Ball Park.