To the Minister of Kingdom Relations, Mrs Kajsa Ollongren

To the Minister of Kingdom Relations, Mrs Kajsa Ollongren,
PO Box 20018
2500 EA The Hague, the Netherlands.

Bonaire, March 20, 2018

Subject: Objection against your Call for the consultative referendum on Wednesday, March 21 2018

Dear Minister,

You call on the people of Bonaire (and St. Eustatius) to vote for a 1st consultative referendum on the Law on the intelligence and security services 2017 on Wednesday, March 21st.

First of all, I would like to kindly ask you, as a new Minister of Kingdom Relations, to take note of my various previous letters in which I am informing your Chamber and Government that your dictatorial course of unilaterally annexing and embedding in your Constitution of the illegal status of the Public Bodies of Bonaire, Sint Eustatius infringe against your own agreed treaties and the international legislation.
Your state-secretary of Kingdom Relations Mr. Knops recently publicly proclaimed to me during his visit to Bonaire that he don’t know nothing about our collective colonial past and treaties and human rights. This illegality does not seem to interest him either, given his recent international blunder in St. Eustatius, officialized by your Cabinet and parliament, your seemingly-legal undemocratic-colonial intervention, and imposed colonial government. Hypocrisy at the highest, where the Netherlands as a co-founder of the UN Charter, internationally prominent profiling as a philanthropic country, and even, has worked himself in the UN Security Council, and on the other hand, violating his own co-kingdom-partners human rights.

On 18 December 2015 on Bonaire and 17 December 2014 on St. Eustatius, the peoples rejected this illegal status by referendum and our own legitimate democratically elected representatives have ratified the results as legal democratic decisions in our island councils. Your government ignore our referendum, the voice of our people and are forcing and governing our people into a status that they formally and legally have rejected, imposed by your economic, military and police power. This is undemocratic and adverse to the inherent fundamental freedoms of our peoples to govern themselves.

Now you are planning as a new minister to build on this illegality, in this malignant marsh of crime against our peoples and humanity, by further violating another foundation of democracy and the rule of law; the inalienable human right; the right to respect have respect for private and family life, his home and correspondence. You should know that this law expressly forbids your government to interfere with any public authority, us the citizens, from exercising our rights. Your question and referendum is then in advance unlawful because dominant human rights are inviolable and even with consent (your wrongful referendum) remains a violation of our human right.

Now we understand better and feeling again the pain and suffering of our ancestors, how your parliament conspired and conjured inhuman laws against them, your legal “kapersbrief”, your legal military permission and actions against our ancestors, declared as non-human, according to your law, as commercial good , your pernicious human trafficking. It seems so simple for your government, all according to your laws, to your honor and conscience, the inhuman.

Finally, I object to your unlawful attempt, your illegal referendum to legalize illegality, with or without permission from me and all other residents of Bonaire and St. Eustatius, who these rights belongs to , that these rights remain inviolable human rights.

James Finies, citizen of Bonaire