Follow up letter His Majesty King Willem Alexander

His Majesty King Willem Alexander p/a Kabinet der Koning Postbus 20016 2500 EA The Hague, Netherlands
Bonaire, October 23, 2017

Your Majesty,

On June 9, 2017 I addressed attached letter with questions to Your Majesty based on our personal meeting assisted by your Minister of Kingdom Relations Mr. Plasterk, during your inaugural visit to Bonaire on September 16, 2013, where I brought forward our situation (same as Sint Eustatius) of being annexed and embedded in the Dutch constitution against the wishes of our peoples. Your Majesty after hearing, and questioning me and with intervention of Mr. Plasterk, understood our situation and promised and pledged to help us realize our “full measure of self-governance” pursuant to article 73 of the United Nations Charter.
Our discussion was followed up and confirmed in official writing by your Minister of Kingdom Relations after the debate “vaststelling van de begrotingsstaat van Koninkrijksrelaties (IV) voor het jaar 2014 (33750-IV) “Mr. Plasterk, on questions toward your promise and pledge to us, answered: (quote Mr Plasterk): “het Handvest van de Verenigde Naties bindt alle leden van de Verenigde Naties en de regering is vast van plan om lid te blijven bij de Verenigde Naties”. Letter reference nr. 20140000012853 dated January 8, 2014, by Mr Plasterk was addressed to me (see attached copy) where was stated that, “the people of Bonaire have the right to let their voices be heard and that all acquired and inherited rights are indivisible and respected in their totality by the Cabinet”
However, up to now this promise and pledge has not been fulfilled. Neither the voice of our peoples, the democratic rejection, the referendum of December 18, 2015, of this illegal imposed status and neither the signed treaties and Charter of the United Nation are respected. Netherlands cannot covet a seat on United Nations Security Council in the coming year 2018, while refusing to comply with the Charter’s obligations. The government and parliament of the Netherlands went ahead against democracy, against our fundamental rights with the process of the second reading on September 5, 2017. On September 6, 2017, Bonaire flag day, we were unilateral and undemocratic annexed and embedded in the Dutch constitution on unequal rights and not complying with our right as the peoples of Bonaire (and Sint Eustatius) to “a full measure of self-governance”
I received on July 5, 2017 a letter from your Cabinet (reference# REK 2017001217, by the Director Mrs. Beuker) that my letter had been forwarded to the Minister of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. From the Second Chamber- Commissie Kingdom Relations, Griffier T.N.J. De Lange, I received a letter (reference# 2017Z08113/2017D20349 dated July 5, 2017) stating to have received said letter as “information”. Then, on July 25, 2017, I received a letter (reference # 20170000360554 from the Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations by Director Dr. E. J. Arkenbout) that more time is needed then the procedural three (3) weeks to answer my letter.
Up to today, almost 5 months later, this letter and the questions have not been answered. I herewith politely request your Majesty to do everything within your authority to see to it that the government of The Netherlands answers the letter and questions and clarifies its position toward the United Nations Charter within seven (7) days. This will help us all in the Kingdom to understand with regard to our position and our right to a full measure of self-governance and political equality, whether or not we are equal and free within the kingdom. Hopefully it would stop the bullying and intimidation by the Dutch government of the smaller islands, especially Bonaire and Sint Eustatius, and bring back peace in the Kingdom.
We then can continue our process of healing and reconciliation of our mutual colonial past, which has been halted and reversed on October 10, 2010. This will incite a new beginning, the re-start of building together a unified and prosperous Kingdom based on freedom and equality as promised by Her Majesty Queen Wilhelmina on December 7, 1942 from London, that after the war, the Kingdom would be reconstructed on the solid foundation of complete partnership, based on equality and as a founding member of the United Nations, The Netherlands signed the Charter on June 26, 1945 at the San Francisco conference.

Submitted by your humble servant, James Finies with utmost trust in the support for justice and equity of Your Royal Highness,