Several arrests during “Carnival 2017 Opening Jump up”

On Monday April 17th the “Opening Jump Up” for the 2017 Carnival Season was held. The parade left the Reward/Sint Peters area shortly after 08.00 p.m. destined for the Festival Village located on the Soualiga Boulevard. A large amount onlookers and revelers came out to attend this event. Even though the police department continuously stressed on the entire community and particularly the youngster to conduct themselves in a lawful manner they unfortunately chose to do otherwise. Along the route of the Jump Up on numerous occasions police had to intervene and even arrest several persons that were involved in fights that had broken out. During one of the fights a man was ill-treated with a “brass-knuckle”. Two females had a disagreement which started in the vicinity of Chippie café and ended up in the Festival Village and one man was stabbed.

A total of four young men and two young women were arrested and taken to the Philipsburg Police Head Quarters. The four young men remain in custody for further investigation and the two young women were both given a fine of Nafls. 150,- each before they were released. No suspect has as yet been identified or arrested in connection with the stabbing.

The Police Department is again making an appeal to the parents of these youngsters to have a serious talk with their children before they go out to attend any of the carnival events. The Opening Jump Up was definitely “not a good start” for this carnival season. The Police department is also reminding the entire community that there is a 0-tolenrance policy in effect that will definitely be enforced along with the transaction list.