OSPP welcomes the proposed contributions that can be derived from Pearl of China;

Questions Company’s pedigree


PHILIPSBURG—Questions as to the Pedigree of the New Life Town Investment and Development Ltd have been put forward by leader of the OSPP Leonard “Lenny” Priest, who states in a media release, “We are greatfull for the many proposed contributions we envision the Pearl of China Project will bring to the island, however we cannot help needing some reassurances from the responsible parties regarding the pedigree of this company. That is, whether this company has developed any similar projects before and if yes where? The OSPP also feels that eventhough this project is a private development it is important that they have an environmental impact and economic study done. A project of this size must have had these type of studies done before a ground breaking ceremony took place.

The OSPP leader questions whether the New Life Town Investment and Development Group is affiliated with China New Town Development Co Ltd, a company he said he has found several encouraging articles about when googling New Life Town Investment and Development Group in an attempt to establish their pedigree. “I was unable to come across any information online related directly to a company called New Life Town Investment and Development except for articles posted from St. Maarten about the Pearl of China project, so while we are pleased for the anticipated jobs and economic boost, I personally would feel more at ease with the project if specific examples could be provided of where they have operated before and which projects they have successfully completed on a scale of this magnitude,” Priest said.

In relation to the anticipated boost in the local job market from this project, the OSPP leader recommends providing the opportunity for persons here qualified in the hospitality industry to travel to China to work for three years at a similar resort while this project under construction here in St. Maarten. “We have several graduates here who have degrees in the hospitality and event planning field. We propose that ten of our graduates with degrees, bachelors and masters, in the hospitality and event planning field be given an opportunity to work in similar establishments as the Pearl of China that the same company is affiliated with for two to three years prior to the opening of the resort. Firstly this will assist them in acquiring the necessary experience and secondly to command Mandarin as most of the traders are coming from China,” Lenny Priest suggests.

He notes that the time is now for persons seeking employment in the hospitality field and who want to become key players in the hospitality and event planning field locally to take the steps to become certified in their particular fields and to improve their attractiveness to an employer.

“It is my understanding that 400 jobs have been set aside for local persons at this resort and I believe it’s commendable that steps were taken to ensure employment for our people in the negotiations. Personally I would have negotiated a percentage—like eighty to eighty-five per cent as opposed to a flat figure taking things like expansion into account. That being said there are 400 assured jobs for locals from this project and there is going to be competition for these jobs. Now is the time to brush up your resume, hone your skills, take hospitality courses at the USM or online courses in hospitality where applicable and get yourself accredited to international standards. Preparation is ninety percent of success, so get yourself prepared to make your mark on your island,” Priest encourages job seekers.