From Board and Leader of the Democratic Party.  IT TAKES A TEAM; KUDOS TO TEAM KEACY. 

It was an immense moment of pride for all who came out to welcome our young sports hero Keacy Carty back homeon Wednesday evening. The story of his performance during the finals of the  U19 World Cup Cricket can not be retold often enough. 

The Democratic Party joins the rest of St. Maarten in congratulating Keacy and his parents, Keith and Angela.

“Keacy’s accomplishment is the coronation of years of hard work, put in by the young athlete himself and all those persons who nurtured and continue to nurture the sport of cricket on St. Maarten. Yet for Keacy this is but the beginning”.

It would be remiss of us not to recognize the relentless work to promote cricket by Imran Mc.Sood (Mac) Amjad and his fellow cricket enthusiasts on St. Maarten.

“Like the teamwork it took for Keacy to shine in his games, so teamwork between all involved in the sport on St. Maarten contributed to Keacy’s success.”

We pray and hope that this support continues to follow Keacy in all his endeavors and that young Keacy remains focused and determined.

In addition to the plans that the Education ministry has for sports in general, It is also time that our scholarship policy be amended to not only reward performances such as these, but also to promote and encourage our young talent to excel in sports and  the arts as well as educationally. 

In the meantime, St. Maarten can bask in the glow Keacy has created for us worldwide. It is therefore only fitting that the government of St. Maarten received the young sportsman with the pomp and pageantry, which it has afforded him, and the entire community should join in acknowledging his accomplishments and their significance for St. Maarten.


On a related note, the Board of the Democratic Party wishes to inform its members that the General Membership meeting scheduled for Sunday afternoon has been postponed, due to the celebration for Keacy Carty on Sunday at about the same time. Several concerned members approached us with this question upon learning of the Ministry’s plans for Keacy.

A new date for the  DP membership meeting will be announced shortly.