It’s time to pay back, in politics there is nothing call a free lunch.

Two faced or screw faced politicians. Do what you want now and the people will forget after seven days. Now we know why so many people say that all the politicians are alike. Horse trading started after the election in 2010 but has continued even more after 2014 election. There are ship jumpers, church jumpers and now we have party jumpers seeking betterment for themselves. We must establish a Credibility Chamber for most of our politicians to regain some type of credibility before the next election. Whatever happens in the dark must come in the light.
It has been rumored for some time that the US party was planning to support the UP led coalition but I had to read it to actually believe it. Now we can understand why during the election so many voters stick their hands out and say give me something for my vote now. Because after the election the horse trading will continue and all the elected officials are thinking about what and how much they can get for their seat. It is never about improving the quality of life of the people. How many of our elected officials are seriously interested in NV GEBE dropping the fuel prices to provide relief to the people? Which one of them would propose for the government to set up a loan guarantee program to allow our people to set up small businesses and create more jobs?
Do you remember that case with the governor in Chicago that was trying to peddle off to the highest bidder the senate seat that Obama left vacant after he was elected President of the U.S.A? That governor should have contacted some of our politicians to know how to go about selling a seat, I am sure he would not be sitting in prison today. Our politicians surely know how to do it and with a straight face they would tell you that they are doing it for the betterment of the people. Three months and counting after the last election and our elected representatives have not done one thing positive to help the people. Yet, many of them have crossed the aisle to come back after realizing they were taking for a ride by the young silver fox. As our calypso emperor would say” what a thing” seats for sale in galore, are there any prospective buyers?
First to jump ship in this term is Cornelius de Weever and he obtained two ministries, one he has not fill up to present. Second to jump ship is MP Marlin-Romeo after sitting in a press conference stoned faced and told the public I am not going anywhere. In 2018 I will be right next to my leader Mr. Frans Richardson. We are yet to hear what she has received for joining this coalition, perhaps a new ministry to be established or something else. The most embarrassing of them all was the leader of the Democratic party MP Sarah Wescott-Williams who ridiculed MP Cornelius de Weever for joining the UP led coalition. Nevertheless, not much longer would MP Wescott-Williams join the coalition based on a promise to obtain two ministries. Outfoxed by the young silver fox time after time and is still not learning. She had to put her tail between her leg and wiggled back into the opposition benches. We can talk about a lack of credibility that doesn’t seem to affect our modern day politicians.
The latest party jumper is the US party that is led by Mr. Frans Richardson. This is his take on the reason why he is supporting the UP led coalition. It is in the interest of St. Maarten. Let us understand this correctly. You enter an election to be part of a government at any cost to do things for the people. You join a government that to date has not been able to fill two very important ministerial appointments; a government without a governing program and a UP led government without confidence in its own candidates of the last election. But for your support you receive the Ministry of Justice. According to Minister Plasterk the Kingdom government is about to put higher supervision on this Ministry. Minister Richardson stated that he would resign first before he accepts the type of draconian measures the Dutch want to implement on the Ministry of Justice. Explain to the people how is that in the interest of St Maarten, a ministry that will be controlled by the Dutch government with a figure head minister? To the contrary it seems as if it is in the interest of only a selected few as usual. It’s time to pay back, in politics there is nothing call a free lunch. But time will tell, whatever happens in the dark must come out in the light.