MP Heyliger on concession fees

Something is not right with this picture: “Govt. must be willing to get concessions fees from companies” (Theo, TDH January 15, 2015)
The Leader of the government coalition, MP Theo Heyliger is expecting the people of St. Maarten to believe that he has no and will not get any previous knowledge of the budget which has been sent to the Governor and is well on its way to Parliament. Really?
This revelation by MP Heyliger comes after repeated calls by his Minister of Finance for a dividend policy to level the playing field for all government-owned companies.
And it comes after severe criticism from the CFT and from several integrity reports about the contribution of government-owned companies to the country’s coffers.
Not only that, but most of these organizations have also criticized the involvement of politicians(!) in these companies’ policies and programs. Not to talk about how some government-owned companies decide that they will “pay” dividend or concession fees by e.g. executing projects that are primarily the responsibility of government.
So MP Heyliger does not know if and for which amount HIS government has included concession fees a/o dividends in the 2015 draft budget?
Minister Martin Hassink’s Budget?? Or the UP-lead Gumbs-cabinet budget?
What is this? The forewarning of a show-down in Parliament when the budget comes to Parliament?
“The Marcel Gumbs cabinet better be ready to add them and get the companies to comply”.
Hmmm, interesting times ahead.