Mr Cyril Tearr: “My take on Statia referendum”

This is my message to my fellow Statia referendum voting public here is my take with regards to the out come of the referendum We the voters that voted to remain within the present situations that we are in right now. Even though we might have suffered a lost in number’s we won our case in decision choosing And my take for stating this in light of the fact that


Many choose not to turn out and vote i am concluding that they were very much in favor of remaining where we are right now for had it been such that they were really interested in making a change they would have taking the necessary steps and came out and made it possible to do instead they choose to remain neutral Even though i am aware that many may


Want to conclude my conclusion otherwise prove me wrong when concluding the difference in numbers take away the voted total in favor of remaining as we are, the voted total voted is only 747 with 19 hours of voting time to vote this a clear statement made by many folks of not wanting to make a change and judge for yourself at the same time prove me wrong


More over i am extremely proud of myself for making this statement And why? during the campaign session of 2007 i wrote an article and sent it on to the Daily Herald asking the leaders of all the five remaining island of the Netherlands’s Antilles to refrain from separating them selves from each other for we know what we have but we don’t know what we will


Be getting and my advice was ignored and today each and every island is paying the price of sorrows and regrets for doing so And Statia’s case hasn’t been any different just two days ago there was an election here on Statia people voting trying to get back what we formerly had meanwhile had our representing group that was sent to represent us in the Hague did their


Job as representatives should have done perhaps none of the island would have been experiencing difficulties or regrets but instead because their life style of being pension are has automatically been prepared for them they showed absolutely no respect or idolization for what we had but yet want to blame the Dutch for our poor leadership choice lacking of major


Concern My fellow Statians one of the things that i highly regard and admire our elders for They had no money whereby there were plans for budgeting but yet they got the job done Today we have so many thousand of highly trained skilled financial geniuses technicians through out the world and yet the world over is in financial debts up to there neck countries with potentials out of


This world and yet facing major crisis but Statia’s bright modern day geniuses the island doesn’t have a dam thing locally to offer it self but our professor wants to take on an autonomous status Which clearly demonstrate to me the true lack of responsibility of leader ship which has caused us to be within this predicament that we are in today My fellow Statians i


Might be here to witness it but mark my word no matter what ever Status you all may be able to accomplish things will never ever be the same again the best days of living has come and gone and our generation even though uneducated and not having money to talk about we enjoyed living our lives within those days which will never ever return as was for man of


Today even though educated has brought the world to such unpredictable kaotic situation they themselves has no solutions call me what you wish condemn me as much as possible but i have proven that i can take care of my personal responsiblities and other peoples as well can many of you critic out there make such as statement? Mr Cyril B Tearr