Can the Parliament of St. Maarten question the Governor of St. Maarten?

In my opinion, it can and specifically in the case of the formation of the council of ministers, following a regular election.
The Governor has in this particular matter taken it upon himself (and we know why of course) to direct the process.
The government of the country is the responsibility of Parliament. When something seems awry, which it does, parliament has the responsibility to query the formation of a government for the country.
It should never be the case, that candidate ministers are publicly hung out to dry; taken down like sitting ducks, and all this on the basis of information that is somehow attained, because those who should apprise the people of the process, are mum.
Mostly, persons selected for ministerial positions are those who have postulated themselves in an election, unless there is a case of exceptional expertise in one or more particular areas and needed because of circumstances that warrant such. That way, the electorate has the feeling that even in a very small way, they have had their say. You can also have an appointment in national interest.
A so-called a-political or professional cabinet is a totally different matter. Again in my opinion, not applicable in the current situation.
The voters are asked to trust their elected representatives to make good choices. Would it then not behoove these representatives (the coalition) to keep the voters informed?
No, it seems to be alright that this information is somehow leaked, candidates are again hung out to dry. No one disputes or explains.
I conclude that the Governor then should answer to Parliament regarding the formation of the next government, if only to stop the rumor mill.

On behalf of the DP Faction