Harbour seeks halt to Dock Maarten ultra yacht pier

Dear Editor:

The front page headlines on Saturday November 29, 2014 speaks volumes of how this particular (Government owned!!!!) group goes about its business. Government and it’s wholly/partly owned companies are there to FACILITATE private enterprise, while providing core services to the citizens and visitors of the country. NOT bully them, intimidate them, or seek to destroy them in an effort to improve the profit margin of the involved Government owned company and certainly not to possibly create income streams for those in charge, or politically affiliated. The St. Maarten Marine Trades Association (SMMTA) of which I am a Board Member, has in the past years repeatedly sounded the alarm about the Harbour Group of Companies using its SLAC affiliate (daughter company)’s regulatory authority to negatively impact the economic well being of Private Sector enterprises involved in the Marine Trade on the island and to compete with these Private Sector companies by “regulating” their very existence, while playing “Pacman”with their businesses. I do not know Evans Deher’s children or grand children to be one of those local families that rolls over and plays dead when bullies walk into their yard. Harbour Group of Companies: Are YOU “ready”?

Michael J. Ferrier