In a recent meeting on June 4th, 2014, the owners of the Emilio Wilson Estate offered government to give back a considerable amount out of the purchase price with the intention that these monies be used to benefit foundations on the island, like for e.g. the Mental Health Foundation, Ujima, Dow’s Musical Foundation, the House of Nehesi Publishers, The Little League Baseball Association, a Johan Cruyff football court in St. Peters, the BE ABLE Foundation and other important entities that cater to the needs of the youth, culture and education. In return for that donation owners require from government to speed up the process of finalizing the payment of the purchase of the estates. After 12 long years that the estates have been at the center of politics, they would like to see an end come to this saga.

Recently government confirmed to owners in writing that the budget amendment will be presented to parliament on June 30, that the agreed upon down payment will be made before the end of July if owners will give back $ 1,5 million out of the purchase price.
A draft agreement has been mailed to government on behalf of owners but to this date the agreement has not yet been signed by the Minister of VROMI, who has been assigned by the Council of Ministers to deal with the Emilio Wilson dossier.
Henri Brookson