The management and supervisory board of SZV, in consultation with the Honorable Minister Cornelius de Weever responds to news article published on May 21, 2014

Social and Health Insurances, SZV is exclusively responsible for the implementation of social and health insurance for the country of St. Maarten. Guaranteeing the sustainability of the funds that are managed by SZV is part of our fiduciary responsibility and one of the main priorities of the organization, since these funds are generated by the people of St. Maarten.  Before investing or acting as a guarantor in any situation, a due diligence is always executed by SZV’s Management, Investment committee and Advisory board.
The SZV has the authority to invest without prior approval of the Minister but to ensure transparency the SZV would seek involvement and approval of the Minister of Public Health, Social Development and Labor on any investment of this magnitude. The Minister would in turn seek approval from the council of ministers and parliament in order to ensure transparency and maintain the integrity of all institutions involved.
SZV is not aware, involved or considering signing any financial agreements or is in any negotiations regarding medical tourism at this moment.
It is very regretful that the media publishes such information without confirming authenticity of the subject. This puts the institution and its executives in an unnecessarily compromising position. SZV has investments locally and abroad and statements like this can be damaging.