Dear Editor,

I had the bestest parents in the whole wide world and the super beststest family in the world.

Currently I am still on sick leave and didn’t need a nurse to care for me. My loving sister Rita aka Ma-Afrike and or Malkia, she nursed me back to health. Only God knows how overwhelmed I am.

My daddy eventually succumbed to the symptoms of Alzheimer and we lost him in 2001.

There are many children when after they are forced to enter their parent (s) in the home forget them there, how sad, they very easily forget that that I the person who gave birth to them, who cried hysterically at the first steps or first word of mama or papa.


There was a time prior to my daddy’s passing, a nurse from Guyana was feeding my father and for whatever inhumane reason placed the bread in his porridge and was feeding him. Just so the readers know the bread usually is plastered with butter. Buh eh eh, we almost had a wrestle mania match.

Why all this babble you say? Simple because I loved my parents until death do us part and I miss them every single day. We live on a world full of aggression, we need more kindness, love and compassion.

Love your family, give them the necessary attention, and make sure you got their back daily. Don’t forget them.

Mommy and Daddy I love you.

I had the pleasure of being able to feed my father supper whenever I could.

So lets do it be the children that God made us to be.


Patricia Pantophlet