Lately I heard some political officials loosely refer to the need of a Consumer Protection Advocacy (CPA) Admirable to a certain extent but that loose talk must be transferred into action by way of a Law. During the 2013 budget debate almost all made reference to Government’s failure to take care of the people’s need.


We can all remember MP Laville’s passionate emotionally charged statements expressing total disappointment in his government.

MP Illidge was equally emotional, taking responsibility as Parliament’s failure in responding to the needs of the people.

Comments are continuously expressed on both the Legislative as well as Executive branch of government with respect to high cost of living in every aspect, yet there is no draft proposal from the executive branch to the legislative branch to legally regulate the CPA. Neither has there been any law proposal from the legislate branch especially from those MP’s who are always so emotional when speaking on the needs of the people.

Again we were reminded of the deadlock between WIMA and the SMIA, a case which in my opinion could have been dealt with and even taken to Court by the CPA if it was in place. WIMA Stated in the Daily Herald of Monday, September 23rd that there is no willingness on the part o SMIA to resolve he medical card ban, I am sure that SMIA will make the same claims. Because I lack the knowledge of the conditions etc, I will not venture to express my opinion on the internal fight between the two enteritis am not in a position to make a opinion based on facts. I would say though that if it so as WIMA is stating that they are only requesting an inflation correction on the primary care tariffs, which has not been adjusted since 1999, of course I say to SMIA pay up.

The victims in all this are the patients and their family who are forced to pay out of pocket for doctors consult and filling of prescription. Ms. Arnell, Head of Public Health gave a perfect illustration of the effect of the ban that is in place for over a year now. To add salt to injury house doctors, including MP Dr. Ruth Douglas, force those patients to pay the illegal adjusted tariffs for consultation in the amount of Fl. 56, 00 or $ 31, 00, while they know that those patients can only claim Fl. 45, 00 from their Insurance. I call that highway robbery.

Years ago the WICSU faced a similar situation and took the matter to Court resulting in family physicians and SMMC I believe at the time being ordered by the Court, to retract that position. It’s about time in my opinion that those victims who are suffering under the abuse of both the WIMA and the SMIA take the issue to Court.

Again, my strong appeal to establish the Consumer Protection Advocacy (CPA). This is not only a challenge to both levels of government but also the WICLU, because they too have a critical role to play, in ensuring that this protection agency comes to pass, as protectors of consumers rights.

Can someone please tell me when, when will we the consumer be able to benefit from a Consumer Protection Advocacy??

Patricia Pantophlet