How hypocritical and ironic the speech of MP Mr. Romain Laville at the closing of 2012 -2013 Parliament session. 

MP Laville in his remarks as independent fraction stated that he is not considering a second run for Parliament. The reason he gives is: because a lot of things he brought forward for the benefit of the country’s people have not gotten much support or have not been followed through by the government.

My question to MP Laville is which government are you now referring to? Is it the Government that he "threw" down in April of last year, forming the NA/DP/Illidge/Laville/Richardson coalition, or is he referring to the current government, now in place after he again "threw" down that coalition, a little over a year by calling for a motion of no confidence against those ministers, then forming the current collation UP/DP/Laville? A reminder to the county’s people, that he completely ignored the cry of the same country’s people who called for early elections.

Could that be a signal to us the public that a repeat of June 2013 shake up in government could be in the making?

If that is the case, I as a strong NA supporter am publicly sending this message to the Party Leadership. Do not under any circumstance, entertain formation of any coalition, go straight to new elections. We have been there, done that!

I can be critical, but I also believe in giving credit where credit is due. In saying that I do commend. MP Laville on most of the motions he presented. He is now lamenting the fact that his current government in whom he has or is it now had all confidence in, is not cooperating with the legalizing of those motions. His quote: "All the Ministers have to do is act on them"

MP Laville also stated that he is not there to tow party lines. Really! MP Laville? What do you call the position you took when it came to adopting the motion by the NA with respect to the Pelican workers? You had the opportunity to go on record that you did not vote along party lines after giving your long emotionally charged speech. Instead of voting your conscience, you left before the voting and sat in the public tribune. What do you call that? We the people call it voting along party lines. To prove that a few months after you declared yourself independent.

We are intelligent people, we read, listen to radio, look at the local news, go to websites for news, we follow public Parliamentary sessions. I do for sure.

Hypocritical or ironic you tell me!

Patricia Pantophlet