Jeffrey Richardson Says Political Rumors are becoming a nuisance to our electorate

Even though the strong rumors of a possible break in Government is indeed a rumor I believe that it is time that the current politicians stop playing games with the people of St. Maarten and either lead, follow or get out the way as BeauBeau says in one of his calypsos. 

The people are tired, confused and rightfully don’t have any trust in politicians anymore that only cares about their own personal interest. Government paying three Ministers of Education, Finance and Tourism at the same time is a waste of tax payers monies, the New Government building not being occupied since its completion in 2008, among other issues needs to be addressed and a solution found. The politicians all swear or made an oath publicly to uphold the constitution and is this what the people are receiving in return? I don’t think that St. Maarten people deserve this type of modus operandi. We deserve better and we will get better by the grace of God. The people no longer should allow the political leadership to neglect them knowing that the real shareholders and owners of this country is the PEOPLE. They are the ones that should be the priority of our elected representatives. Change must come as soon as possible otherwise our political leaders will destroy the product St. Maarten, which our forefathers toiled very hard to build to what it is today. People of St. Maarten open your eyes and don’t allow yourself to be bought for 30 pieces of silver. Be men and women of dignity and stand up by letting our leaders know that we are no longer accepting the fact that the future development of our country is no longer seen as a priority for politicians other than their personal enrichment. We must build a St. Maarten whereby all of us can benefit as oppose to a few. St. Maarten is now in need of leaders that care. Long live our country St. Maarten.