CPO Major Felix Richards requests cooperation:

The new school year has begun. Parents are bringing and picking up their children in this school area again. Traffic into and out of this area during school days is quite heavy. Police-officers and officers of the Control Unit are doing their utmost to make sure that there is a smooth and constant flow of traffic.

On Thursday August 21st 2013 the Community Police Officer Major Felix Richards attended a meeting at the Rev. John Gumbs Campus (M.A.C.-School) to discuss many issues in connection with the opening of the new school year. One of the main topics of discussion was, the dropping off and picking up of children that attend school in that area.

During the last school year a project was launched to have the terrible traffic situation resolved. The property next to the former gasoline station was prepared for that reason and a walk way donated by N.V. GEBE was put in place to have the children going to school in the area get there safely. However there are some parents who are not cooperating by helping to alleviate the traffic situation and are not making use of the drop-off and pick up area.